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4 Hearing Aids Problems And What You Can Do About Them

by Mae Ferguson

Your audiologist will walk through how to care for your hearing aids when you first get a pair. However, even with good care, you might experience occasional problems with your hearing aids. Fortunately, most of the problems are easy to fix without the need to head back to your audiologist. 


When you first insert your hearing aids, you might notice a whistling or howling sound. The noise could be the result of a build up of wax in your ears. Simply remove the hearing aids, clean your ears, and re-insert the hearing aids. 

If the noise continues, schedule an appointment with your ear doctor. The doctor will need to check your ear canal for obstructions. You can also ensure that you are inserting the hearing aids correctly into your ears. 


The sound that comes from your hearing aids could come out muffled, robotic, or distorted in other ways. Distortion can occur if your battery is worn down. Replace the battery and re-insert it in your ear. If the sound is still distorted, remove the hearing aid and check the sound outlet. 

Clean the outlet and microphone. The microphone can be cleaned with a brush. After its clean, check the hearing again. If the problem persists, take the hearing aids back to the audiologist. 

Low Sound

If you have turned up the volume on your hearing aids and you still have trouble hearing, check the receiver tube. The tube could be blocked or clogged with ear wax. Check the sound again after cleaning the tube. 

Contact your audiologist to have your ears retested if the sound continues to be low. It is possible that your hearing has changed and you need a new prescription.

No Sound

When there is absolutely no sound emitting from the hearing aids, you should first check the battery. Ensure that it is inserted correctly. If it is, remove it and replace it with a new one. Your ear molds or tubes could also be clogged with earwax. Clean or replace your molds or tubes. 

There is the possibility that your hearing aids are damaged. If you have tried the other troubleshooting steps, call your audiologist. 

Hearing aids are usually easy to manage, but you might have the occasional problem. Do not shy away from talking to your audiologist or ear doctor if you have other problems with your hearing aids. Both professionals can help you resolve your issue so that you can start hearing again. For more help, try contacting a professional who knows about Widex hearing aids to learn more.