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Back Pain: The Possible Reasons Heavy Lifting Causes It & How To Get Relief

by Mae Ferguson

Has years of heavy lifting led to your back suffering bad pain? You may need to seek assistance from an orthopedic doctor so he or she can examine your back to diagnose and treat it. Below, discover the possible reasons heavy lifting made your back hurt and how to get treated for relief.

What are the Possible Reasons Heavy Lifting Causes Back Pain?

There are several ways that pain can develop in the back from heavy lifting. Failing to keep the spinal cord aligned as you are lifting heavy objects is one of the main causes of back pain. It is vital for you to bend your knees with your back straight as you are in the process of lifting. You must stand back up with your back in the same position. When you lift heavy objects without your back straight, the ligaments around the spinal cord can get damaged. The torn ligaments are possibly responsible for the pain in your back.

Another possible reason for the pain may be that there is a lot of pressure between the joints in your back. Damaged vertebrae can also cause pain. The best solution to the problem is to speak with an orthopedic surgeon so he or she can come up with a treatment plan for you.

How Can Back Pain Get Treated for Relief?

You will have to undergo a thorough examination of your back by an orthopedic surgeon before your back pain can be relieved. The examination will include the orthopedic asking you where the location of pain is. He or she will look at the exterior of your back, and you will also be given an x-ray so an actual image of the condition of your spine can be observed. The x-ray will show if there are any torn ligaments as well.

A solution to give you relief may include lumbar spinal fusion surgery, which involves the surgeon having to perform bone grafting. The point of the procedure is to connect damaged vertebrae segments by using a bone graft to join them together. Vertebrae can become damaged when spinal joints break from heavy lifting. Sometimes surgery is not necessary for back pain relief, so the surgeon may refer you to a chiropractor for a natural treatment method called spinal manipulation.

Make sure you seek prompt treatment for your back pain because problems with the spine can lead to you suffering from paralysis. Allow an orthopedic surgeon to give you the relief you need!