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Taking Care Of Yourself After A Minor Car Accident

by Mae Ferguson

Car accidents can be jarring and damaging to muscles and spinal alignment. Minor car accidents can even be damaging to your emotional and mental health. In the days following a minor car accident, you may find that your muscles are sore, your body aches, and relaxing is difficult. These tips will help you find the peace and comfort you need to feel better.

Apply Ice or Heat to Sore Muscles

Use a cold compress or a heating pad on sore areas of your body to reduce swelling and manage pain. Apply the heat or ice compress for up to 20 minutes each session, three sessions per day. This may be done for up to three days after the accident. If you continue to need cold or heat therapy after three days, see a doctor.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

In the days immediately following a car accident, your body could be suffering from injuries that you aren't even aware of. Your balance, coordination and strength may all be affected. Engaging in strenuous exercise during the week after your car accident could exacerbate the problem, and may even cause additional injury. Do not play sports or do yoga during this time. You may take walks if you feel up to it, but all other exercise should wait.

Take a Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath will help you relax and may calm your nerves. This will make it easier for you to sleep at night and speed your healing process. Relaxing in this way could even relax your muscles enough that damaged, tightened muscles begin to feel better.

Get Extra Rest

Rest is a critical part of recovering from an injury. If you don't already get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, now is the time to start. Set aside time every night so that you can get enough sleep during the recovery process.

Watch for Signs of Whiplash

Whiplash affects many car accident victims. Know the signs of whiplash, so you can receive whiplash treatment from a chiropractor right away.

  • Stiffness in neck
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle pain in the neck
  • Pain or numbness in the hand
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Difficulty remembering things
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Pain in the shoulders, between the shoulder blades

Symptoms of whiplash can surface days after the accident, so be cognizant of your physical state during this time. If you do display signs of whiplash, contact a chiropractor like those at the Contino Chiropractic Center with a reputation for excellence and a history of treating these problems.