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Ready To Plan A Baby? Talk With An Obstetrician First

by Mae Ferguson

If you are thinking of having a baby, but you aren't sure if your body is ready, make an appointment with an obstetrician. You may want to put more thought into having your baby than you previously contemplated, and an obstetrician can give you some insight.

You want to make sure that your body is healthy, that you are ready for the change in your lifestyle, and you want to find an obstetrician you feel comfortable with. Here are a few things you want to ask about and have completed, so you are prepared for the gestation process and motherhood.

Blood Work

Have the obstetrician put in an order for blood work, so you can make sure everything is in order. The physician will make sure that you aren't having any thyroid or anemia problems, and they will check all of your levels of vitamins and minerals. You want to fix any deficiencies or concerns before your pregnancy, so you and your baby don't struggle.

Your physician will also probably want to have you start taking some prenatal vitamins. This will help your body prepare for pregnancy, it can help with fertility, and it will help develop a healthy fetus.


It's important to be at a healthy weight when you are pregnant, and you want your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. You are able to work out as much when you are pregnant as you did before you got pregnant, so your obstetrician may want to put you on a diet and exercise routine before you get pregnant. Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy will also help with comfort, and help with labor and delivery.


The obstetrician will talk with you about what is going to happen to your body, what type of symptoms you may feel, and what is going to happen with your time. Having a baby is going to take over your life, and sometimes people don't think about career goals, travel plans or other arrangements before they get pregnant.

If you are ready to try getting pregnant but you aren't sure if your body is in top condition to conceive, start looking for obstetricians to help you through the process. You will be able to get pregnant with confidence, knowing that you are at a healthy weight, that your baby will have all of the nutrients you need, and that your life is ready.