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Managing Your Contact Lenses: There's An App For That

by Mae Ferguson

Contact lenses are an effective way to correct vision problems, and they eliminate the need to worry about cleaning and maintaining a pair of glasses. That doesn't mean, however, that you're off the hook in caring for your contact lenses. Changing your contact lenses according to your eye doctor's recommendations will help keep your eyes as healthy as possible. Many people forget when the time to switch to new lenses as arrived so they end up wearing the same pair for longer than they should.

This is where apps come in. They help you keep track of when it's time for new lenses so you'll never go over the limit again. Some apps also provide eye health information.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Change

Mobile apps that you download to your smartphone allow you to input the date that you put new contact lenses in your eyes. With this information, the apps can then alert you when it's time to change to new lenses.

Certain apps also tell you how many more days you have left before you need to switch your contact lenses, which gives you plenty of time to reorder, if necessary. Some apps even let you customize two schedules - one for each eye.

This is helpful if you rip, tear or lose one contact, but it's not time to switch both lenses yet. These same apps help you keep track of your contact lens prescriptions.

Learn More About Eye Health

Many contact lens-related apps provide detailed information about the health of your eyes. For example, some apps provide information about the risks of wearing contact lenses for longer than your optometrist recommends, as well as the risks of wearing contact lenses past their expiration date.

Order New Contact Lenses and Supplies

There are apps on the market that store your contact lens prescription and allow you to reorder your contacts right from your smartphone when your supply runs low. Many of these same apps also allow you to input information about when you purchased eye drops or saline solution so it can send you alerts when it's time to restock your supply of drops.

Try Out New Looks

If you're curious about what you would look like if you used colored contact lenses, you can download an app that allows you to upload a picture of yourself and the play around with different contact lens looks. While these apps are enjoyable, always speak to your optometrist about colored lenses before using them, because they aren't safe for everyone.

To learn more or ask questions about contact lenses, get in touch with a company such as Glacier Eye Clinic for more help.