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5 Tips For Helping Your Older Parent Feel Safer At Bath Time

by Mae Ferguson

As your senior parent is getting older, he or she could be having a hard time bathing alone. A slippery bathroom can be scary for a senior citizen, and your mom or dad could be afraid of slipping and falling or otherwise getting hurt. Luckily, there are ways to help your older parent feel safer at bath time, so you can help your loved one feel confident while bathing while also cutting down on the risk of an accident.

1. Install Grab Bars

One fast, easy and effective way to make the bath area instantly feel safer for your parent is to install grab bars. Grab bars are secure, strong handles that your mom or dad can grab for extra support when getting in and out of the shower or when feeling as if he or she is going to fall. Install grab bars in the shower, next to the shower, and in the area where your parent will be getting dressed.

2. Put a Telephone in the Bathroom

Your mom or dad needs to be able to call for help in the unfortunate event that there is an accident in the bathroom. Placing a telephone with a long cord in the bathroom can make this easier. You can also look into a medical alert necklace for your mom or dad to wear; these necklaces usually have buttons that your parent can press to call for emergency services if needed.

3. Use Non-Slip Mats

Slippery tile and other bathroom surfaces can make your parent more likely to fall. Install secure, non-slip mats in front of the bathtub or shower and in the shower or tub to help give your mom or dad a safer place to stand while bathing, drying off, and getting dressed.

4. Install a Bath Chair

If you head to a medical supply store in your area, you can find a bath chair that can help your parent stay safe in the when in the water. Basically, a bath chair provides a safe and secure seat for your loved one to sit in while bathing; then, he or she can enjoy a shower without having to stand and without having to get up and down from the bathtub.

5. Hire a Home Care Aide

If your parent needs a little extra help, consider hiring a home health aide. These healthcare professionals are trained to help keep seniors safe while they are taking their baths. Plus, a home health care aide can also assist your mom or dad with other tasks, such as sorting and taking medication, preparing meals, doing light cleaning, and more.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that you can do to make bath time safer for your aging mom or dad. If you follow some or all of these tips, your parent can feel safe and confident while in the bathroom, and you won't have to worry as much, either. Talk to a professional like ComForcare - Palm Beach Gardens for more information.