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Pardon Me? Three Signs That It's Time To Get Your Hearing Checked

by Mae Ferguson

Everything from quiet conversations with a loved one to noisy get-togethers with friends can be challenging when you struggle to hear. Although you might begin to question your ability to hear things effectively, it's easy to shrug off your concerns -- especially if the idea of getting a hearing aid doesn't appeal to you. What you might not know, however, is that many modern-day hearing aids are designed to be nearly invisible once inside your ear, which means you won't have to be self-conscious about wearing one. Rather than just tell yourself that you're nervous about needing a hearing aid, take an honest look at your ability to hear by evaluating these three signs, and then scheduling a hearing test with a specialist.

You're Turning Up The Volume Too Much

If you find yourself enjoying a TV program or listening to the radio at a volume that other people find too loud, it's a sign that you should get your hearing checked. Take this topic a step further and ask a family member to turn the TV or radio to a level that he or she finds suitable. If you have trouble making out all the words at this lower level, your hearing might need some help.

You're Saying "Pardon?" On The Phone

One of the best ways to gauge how well you hear is to check the nature of your phone conversations. Although interference or loud background noises can occasionally make it difficult for anyone to hear clearly, honestly think about how often you have trouble following what the other person is saying. If you're reaching the point at which you have to frequently interrupt conversations to ask the person to repeat him or herself -- or miss out on what someone says because of the embarrassment of continuing to interrupt -- you're getting a pretty firm indication that it's time to schedule a hearing test.

You're Changing Your Habits To Avoid Communication

Some people who experience hearing difficulties subtly modify their habits to avoid situations in which it's difficult to hear. For example, you might begin to favor emails or text messages over phone calls, avoid noisy public areas in which communication is challenging or avoid conversations with friends or family members who typically speak in quiet voices. Don't let your hearing difficulties affect your daily habits in a negative way -- scheduling a hearing test at a place like Audiologists Northwest will allow you to know how to begin the process of restoring your quality of life.