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About Hiring A Home Care Nurse For Easier Stroke Recovery

by Mae Ferguson

Are you aware that neglecting to move around on a regular basis after partial leg paralysis from a stroke can make the condition worse? It is a good idea to hire a nurse that can visit your home and help you move around, as well as with other daily tasks. Below, discover how helpful a home care nurse can be for your stroke complications as you recover.

How is a Home Care Nurse Helpful When Recovering from a Stroke?

When you have a nurse at your house on a regular basis, it can help you avoid getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT) from partial leg paralysis. The nurse will make sure you are up and moving for a brief period each day when he or she visits. Even if you are unable to walk much, a nurse will be helpful because he or she can massage your legs. The key to preventing DVT is keeping blood moving through the veins. DVT can become dangerous because it can lead to blood clots in your legs making it to your lungs, as well as high blood pressure. You don't want to end up having another stroke because your blood pressure is high.

Upon each visit, a home care nurse will also make sure your vitals are at safe levels, especially your blood pressure. Having your vitals monitored on a regular basis is important when recovering from a stroke. The nurse can get fast medical help if any of your vital readings are out of the norm. He or she can assist with making sure you take your prescriptions for stroke complications so you won't skip days and put your health in danger.

What are Other Tasks that a Home Care Nurse Can Perform?

It can be hard getting around with partial leg paralysis, so a nurse will be able to drive you around. He or she can make sure you get to medical appointments, run errands or simply go out on shopping trips. The nurse will push you in a wheelchair or stand by your side to support you as you walk with a walker. If you are not up for running errands, a nurse can drop off bill payments and pick up personal products on your behalf.

Other assistance that the nurse can provide for you include:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Cooking
  • House cleaning

You may find that recovering from your stroke is not so bad when you can count on help from a nurse. Talk to a home care nursing agency like Champion Home Health Care to get the assistance that you need to get through your stroke complications!