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Why You Should Use Your Hearing Aids In The Workplace

by Mae Ferguson

If you have been balking at wearing hearing aids in your workplace, then you have been doing a great disservice to yourself, employer and colleagues. Maybe you have been avoiding them because of the associated stigma and prejudice; for example, some people think that they make one look old. However, you need to use them because hearing aids bring multiple benefits to the workplace. Here are four examples of such benefits:

It Shows That You Are Careful With Your Health

Using hearing aids sends signals that you are mindful of your health. After all, hearing aids improve balance (meaning reduced risk of fall-related injuries) and also prevent further hearing deterioration due to auditory deprivation, a condition in which your hearing nerves become obsolete because they are not getting the stimulation they need to remain engaged.

Every employer wants an employee who takes care of his or her health. Not only does taking care of your health show that you are careful, but it also leads to fewer sick days.

Improves Workplace Communication

Communicating with a hearing-impaired person is difficult not only because he or she may not hear the words, but also because you may not know how to speak to be heard. Many people do not know how to speak with their hearing-impaired colleagues; they are afraid of making mistakes. This is the situation you are putting your colleagues on if you are not using hearing aids. Inefficient communication leads to reduced productivity.

It Builds Up Your Confidence

Hearing loss can impact your mood and confidence. You may feel that your colleagues aren't making the effort to interact with you (this may or may not be true) and communicating, especially in groups, may be difficult. Hearing aids may not work magic overnight, but they will certainly improve your self-confidence once you get used to them. Confidence in the workplace benefits both the employee and the employer. 

Increases Your Earning Potential

Statistics shows that hearing loss leads to decreased earning potential. According to the University of Maryland, if you have severe to moderate hearing damage, then using a hearing aid decreases your decreases your risk of hearing loss by 65% to 77%. This is something you can correct by correcting your hearing – and the most common method for this is to use a hearing aid.

If you have hearing aids, but don't wear them to work, then it is time to start doing so. If you don't have hearing aids, then the first step is to consult an audiologist at RI ENT Physicians Inc DBA Hearing Centers of RI to help you chart the best way forward.