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Suffer From Psoriasis? Try These Makeup Tips

by Mae Ferguson

Psoriasis can leave you feeling very self-conscious about the way that you look. Seeking treatment from your dermatologist can help you work toward minimizing your symptoms, but you might be looking for a fix that can help you right now.

Wearing makeup can help you feel more confident about the way that you look when you're dealing with psoriasis. Try these tips to improve your self-confidence and to fight back against this skin condition.

Choose Gentle Products

When shopping for cosmetic products, make sure that you choose those that are designed for individuals with sensitive skin. You don't want to make your rashes worse or deal with itchy, irritated skin.

Use Primer

Before applying foundation, apply a nice, thin layer of primer evenly over your face. The primer will help provide a nice, smooth surface for the makeup that you will be applying and can help you get better coverage. Plus, it will help your foundation stay in place for hours after it's applied, which means that you can enjoy coverage all day long. For best results, consider looking for a primer that has a green tint. This will help balance out the redness in your face, which can make your foundation look much better.

Choose a Matte Liquid Foundation in the Right Shade

Powder foundation can be clumpy and might not look its best over irritated skin and rashes. Instead, choose a lightweight liquid foundation. Some cosmetics have glitter or shimmer in them. Although these products can look nice, they aren't usually a good choice for covering up an outbreak. This is because the glitter or shimmer can actually call additional attention to the affected areas. Plus, the glitter or shimmer can work as irritants that can actually make your rashes worse. Instead, you should look for a formula that has a matte finish. When choosing a color, look for one that matches your unaffected skin; you might be tempted to go a bit darker to help cover up your psoriasis, but a darker formula probably won't blend well and could actually call more attention to your skin condition.

Dress Up Your Other Features

Once you have applied a nice layer of foundation, consider dressing up your other features. Dramatic eye shadow, dark eyeliner and mascara that makes your eyelashes really stand out can help you look great while pulling attention away from red, irritated spots. Bright or dark lipstick can do the same thing. Choose one of these parts to accentuate, however, instead of both; otherwise, you'll just look like you are wearing too much makeup.

If you are feeling self-conscious about your psoriasis, makeup can help you feel better. Follow these tips, and remember to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to get to the bottom of your skin condition.