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3 Kid-Friendly Features Pediatric Iv Poles Must Have

by Mae Ferguson

If you work in a medical setting that caters to children, you already know that keeping them comfortable and happy during their treatment is one of the biggest challenges of the job. Part of keeping pediatric patients comfortable is associated with how effectively you stock the facility with kid-friendly equipment. The standard IV pole is the perfect example of a piece of mundane equipment that can be transformed into a highly-functional and kid-friendly item. Here are three key features kid-friendly iv poles should have in your pediatric care facility.

1. Pinch-Proof Wheels - It is no big secret that the IV poles that you use for your young patients should be easily portable, but the wheels on standard poles can pose a pinch hazard for little fingers and toes because they boast large gaps between the wheel and main housing. Keep those busy little hands and feet protected when they are on the move with pinch-proof wheels or pinch-proof wheel covers, which can be found in a lot of fun colors and keep the rotating area completely closed off for safety.

2. Maximum Telescoping Ability - An IV pole is top heavy enough with IV bags, regulators, and other things dangling from the top. However, when there are little hands trying to grasp a tall IV pole on the lower part, it can make the piece of equipment even harder to navigate. Make sure the IV poles you invest in for your facility have the ability to adjust to the smaller size of your patients.

3. Creative IV Pole Toppers - It may not be completely necessary to have something fun and eye-catching atop an IV pole, but it can definitely make this piece of medical equipment look a little less intimidating if it is adorned with something creative. There are many creative IV toppers that can be added, such as colorful clip-on characters and frizzy-haired characters. Round up some craft supplies and add faces if you want to make an inexpensive change by creating silly faces with construction paper and googly eyes to attach to the top of the poles.

When your young patient sees a kid-friendly IV pole roll into their treatment room, they will be much less intimidated and a lot more curious. Take a few minutes to check out all of the fun ways you can transform the IV poles you have in your pediatric care facility.