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Bloating Up The River: 3 Natural Remedies For Menstrual Bloating

by Mae Ferguson

Having your period is never fun. As if the bleeding and cramps weren't enough, you also have to deal with bloating. The bloating that is associated with your premenstrual cycle can leave you feeling tired and cranky. Luckily, you don't have to push through this bloating alone. There are several natural and safe remedies that you can make right at home. Below is a list of the most effective and healthy ways you can get rid of the bloating and get on with the rest of your day.


Ginger root has many health benefits and can be used for an array of remedies for your body, so it makes sense that it can also help reduce bloating during your period. Ginger root has natural topical agents called gingerols. These gingerols help to calm your digestive tract and reduce bloating. It will also help to ease your menstrual cramps.

You can make ginger root tea by grating two tablespoons of ginger into boiling water. For a better taste, you can add honey and lemons. You can either drink the tea whenever your bloating starts to bother you or before every meal.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are probably less appetizing to ingest than ginger tea, but they work just as well. Cumin seeds help reduce bloating by relieving gas and pain naturally. Cumin seeds will stimulate your intestines so you can pass the gas easier.

To use cumin seeds to reduce bloating, chew on a teaspoon's worth until they form a sort of paste and then swallow it down with some warm water. You can also boil the cumin seeds in water to form a tea, which may help it go down easier.


Mint is great when relieving bloating because it has many antispasmodic agents that help to improve your intestinal tract. Mint actually helps to stimulate your intestinal tract in order to help it pass air more effectively.

Mint can also help ease irritability associated with your menstrual cycle by helping you feel more calm and relaxed. To make tea with mint, simply boil four or five mint leaves on the stove and drink when it is at the appropriate temperature. You can also take mint capsules, but it may be more beneficial to drink the tea.

Your menstrual cycle already takes enough out of you before you include the bloating that comes along with it. Using one of these natural and effective methods, you can reduce the bloating and continue on with your daily routine.

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