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5 Habits You Should Drop To Decrease Your Colon Cancer Risk

by Mae Ferguson

Your behaviors and habits have a huge impact over whether or not you develop colon cancer. Unfortunately, many people have bad habits regarding their diet and lifestyle that increase their risk for developing this very deadly form of cancer.

Get rid of the following five bad habits now to ensure that your chances of dying from colon cancer are minimized. 

Eating processed meats

There's a lot of evidence out there by now that shows that processed meats, like ham, bacon, sausage, and pepperoni, leave the body more susceptible to colon cancer and other types of cancer. These processed meats increase an individual's chances of developing colon cancer by 17 percent.  

Researchers aren't yet entirely sure why those who consume processed meats are more likely to develop bowel cancer. However, it has been hypothesized that the nitrite preservatives used in processed meats could trigger cells in the gut to become cancerous.

Drinking alcoholic beverages in excess

Those who consume alcohol in excess are at a greater risk of developing colon cancer. Alcohol consumption brings toxins into the body that must be filtered out by the liver. However, these toxins can provoke cells in the body- including in the colon and rectum- to become cancerous.  

Neglecting to eat fruits and vegetables

You probably already knew that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a well balanced diet. If you're particularly interested in fending off colon cancer, you should also know that the fiber contained in fruits and vegetables helps keep the colon healthy.

In particular, try to add some corn on the cob to your diet. Studies have found that a fiber compound found in corn called inositol hexaphosphate impedes the growth of colon cancer.

Avoiding ethnic foods

Eating bland foods that don't include a lot of spices could leave you at a disadvantage in your efforts to prevent colon cancer. In particular, you might want to develop a taste for Indian food.

The incidence rate of colon cancer in India is strikingly low in comparison to the incidence rate in the United States. Researches think this is because so many Indian dishes include hearty helpings of curry. Curry contains a bright yellow chemical known as curcumin that has been shown to destroy colon-cancer cells. 

Missing your colonoscopy screenings

Staying on schedule with your colonoscopy screenings, at a clinic like ​Clinical Gastrointestinal Associates, PC, will ensure that any colon cancer you do get will be treated early to maximize your chances of survival.

When colon cancer is detected early at the "local" stage, the rate of survival is 90 percent. However, the rate of survival is only 12 percent if colon cancer is detected once the cancer has already reached the "distant" stage.