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Tips For Achieving A Great Bustline After Significant Weight Loss

by Mae Ferguson

Losing weight is a major accomplishment that may feel dampened when your breasts have lost considerable volume. Fortunately, there are ways to help you achieve the bustline you want and make you feel more confident in your new figure.

Determine The Real Problem

Depending on the amount of volume lost in your breasts, it may be difficult to genuinely know whether you need implants or not. You will likely need a breast lift to elevate your bustline to a more aesthetic position and remove excess skin. A consultation with a plastic surgeon can give you a better idea if you will have enough remaining tissue to give you the bra size you want or if you should include enhancements. If you previously had large breasts, you might only need slight modifications to enhance the fullness of your busts, while keeping your breasts in proportion with your new figure.

Consider Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to your breasts may be an option if you only need a slight increase in volume and you also want to sculpt another area of your body. The end result of using your own fat can be more natural in look and feel than using implants. Fat transfer is also ideal if you need to slightly even out your breasts because one is a little smaller than the other. With any procedure, there is a possible downside. It is possible the fat transfer may eventually disappear, much like other fat in your body. You may need periodic touch-ups to keep your fat transfer looking its best.

Be Wise About Implants

Breast implants are a popular option after a significant weight loss because they can easily fill lost breast volume, especially if you have loose skin, but would benefit from leaving it intact and simply filling up the space. As opposed to fat transfer, implants can feel and look less natural, but do not require the same periodic maintenance. Since breast implants are a significant surgery and may require weeks of recovery, weight gain can be an issue. Slight weight gain is expected, but if you have a tendency to gain weight easily, you need to be especially diligent about your eating. Depending on where you typically gain weight first, such as your breasts, stomach, or hips, your new breast implants could appear drastically out of proportion with your body.

Breast enhancement after a significant weight loss can help you feel more confident about your new body. Before having any modifications make sure your weight has been stable so you can maintain the results.