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3 Reasons To Get Dental Implants

by Mae Ferguson

Are your natural teeth in bad shape? If so, you might be considering some options for replacement. While dentures are a common choice, one option you might want to think about, if you haven't already, is dental implants. Dental implants can provide many benefits that are not available through other replacement options like dentures. Here are 3 reasons to ask your dentist about dental implants today.

No Daily Soaking

When you get dentures installed, you have to physically remove them from your mouth every evening for a soaking if you want them to be properly cleaned. Dental implants, on the other hand, are permanently installed in your mouth and require less maintenance. With most dental implants, you can simply brush your teeth like your normally would with no extra fuss required. 

Preserve Your Jawbone and Appearance

When your natural teeth decay or go missing, your body can sense the problem. Over time, your body might start to move minerals that it would normally send to your jawbone to other parts of your body, causing your jawbone to decay. This can make you look much older than you actually are. But when you get dental implants, they are fused right into the bone and can help preserve your appearance.

Maintain or Restore Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Do you find yourself not smiling a lot these days during family photos? If you are embarrassed by your natural teeth, a replacement option might help. But dentures can often be easy to spot from a mile away and might make you feel even more self-conscious about opening your mouth. Most dental implants are designed to look like natural teeth and because they are fused right into your mouth, you'll be able to speak just like you do now without worrying about anything moving around inside your mouth. This will hopefully give you a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem. Go ahead and smile during that photo or flirt with someone you like. They likely won't know the difference.

If your natural teeth are in a state of disrepair, your dentist may provide you with multiple options for replacement. More and more people today are choosing to go with dental implants over dentures because implants simply look better, are easier to clean and are easier to eat and talk with than dentures. Dental implants can also help preserve the integrity of your jawbone as they are fused directly into the bone. Talk to your dentist today for more information. Contact a clinic like Oral Surgery Center to learn more.