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Tips To Avoid Summer Health Risks

by Mae Ferguson

The summer months will present you and your family with a variety of health risks. Failing to address these potential hazards can result in serious complications that could ruin your summer and pose long-term risks to your quality of life. While a primary care physician, such as those at Rural Health Services Consortium Inc., can help you if you do run into any health problems, it's easier to know the signs preemptively and avoid any risks.

Avoid Swimming In Unfamiliar Bodies Of Water

There are few activities that can be more enjoyable than swimming on a hot summer day. However, it can be a common mistake for individuals to swim in unfamiliar bodies of water. If you do not know the status or condition of the lake, it could be possible for you to be swimming in water that has industrial pollution, leaking sewage, or bacterial outbreaks. When a person starts to exhibit symptoms after swimming, it may be wise to be evaluated by a doctor so that treatments can be started if the condition is serious.

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

Dehydration can be another routine summertime threat to your health. While it may seem like it would be easy to notice the development of dehydration, its symptoms can be very gradual at first. Becoming dehydrated can be a very unpleasant and dangerous problem to experience. Avoiding it will require you to drink plenty of water whenever you will be engaging in outdoor activities. Some individuals will assume that this is unnecessary at night due to the cooler temperatures, but high humidity levels can also contribute to a person rapidly becoming dehydrated.

Know The Dangers Of Sunburn

Spending time in the warm sun can be an excellent way to brighten your spirits. However, the skin damage that can be caused by sunburn may pose serious long-term health risks. In particular, sunburn can make a person more likely to develop cancer in the future. Luckily, preventing serious sunburn is as simple as applying a sunscreen before spending time outdoors. For convenience, you may want to invest in aerosol sunscreen, as this can be easily applied and will be sufficient for short periods of time outdoors.

Protect Yourself Against Insect Bites

As the temperature rises, the prevalence of insects such as ticks and mosquitoes will increase. These pests can leave painful bites that may last for days, and they can transmit potentially serious disease. Sadly, there are some people that will find themselves being targeted by these pests due to a variety of factors. If you find that you are regularly being bitten by these pests, it is particularly important to use insect repellent as these bites will expose you to a risk of developing any number of diseases.