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Five Things To Do To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

by Mae Ferguson

Your eyes are precious, and although there are problems that can occur with your eyesight that are out of your control, there a many things you can do to keep your eyes healthy. The following are a few things to keep in mind for optimal eye health.

See an optometrist once a year

An optometrist is the eye doctor that will check your vision and prescribe eyeglasses if you have an issue with distance or reading. You should have your vision checked once a year. If there is another issue that an optometrist finds such as cataracts or glaucoma, an optometrist can refer you to an ophthalmologist for medical treatment.

Know your family history

Certain eye problems can run in the family, but certain diseases that affect the eyes can run in the family too. Type 2 diabetes, for example, can be hereditary, and this in turn can lead to diabetic retinopathy. A condition that, if left untreated, can lead to blindness. Hypertension can run in the family as well. Often there is a link between this condition and glaucoma. By knowing your family's health history and working with your primary care physician, an early diagnosis can be discovered and treatment can be prescribed before your vision is harmed.

Keep your weight down

There are many problems with the eyes that stem from obesity or are complications from health problems that are directly related to obesity. Knowing your target weight and staying in this range will help your eyes stay healthy. Like any successful program for maintaining a healthy weight, it is a combination of exercise and not overeating.

Eating the right foods

Nutrition is an important part of having healthy eyes. Getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis is a good general approach, but there are specific foods that help more than others do for your eyes. Foods rich in vitamin A are at the top of the list. Egg yolks are a rich source of vitamin A. Omega-3 is great for eye health and is found in fish. Leafy green vegetables contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which help prevent degeneration of the eyes.

Wear sunglasses

Too much sun is bad for your skin, but so is it bad for your eyes. Unlike your skin, you can't use sun block. Your only option is sunglasses. You may not like wearing them, but you should make a habitat of using them on sunny days. You will get used to them, and your eyes will be healthier for it.

It is never too late to start taking care of your eyes, so if you have been neglecting their care, the tips listed above will get you started in the right direction. Talk to an eye doctor at facilities like Absolute Vision Care for more tips.