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How The Misuse Of Prescription Drugs Leads To Opioid Addiction

by Mae Ferguson

It is easy to look the other way when you hear someone has a substance abuse addiction. However, substance abuse affects the entire community. Drug addiction causes a person's physical and mental well-being to deteriorate. In many cases, the person addicted to drugs many lose their job and family.

This down spiral spreads to the community. It leads to committing crimes, causing car crashes, spreading diseases, homelessness and other chaos. At this point, it is impossible to contribute to society and be a productive citizen. Read on to find out how the misuse of prescription drugs lead to opioid addiction.

How Does Addiction Occurs?

It is common to think that prescription drugs are harmless because they are prescribed by a doctor. Anything can become harmful when used in the wrong manner. Have you ever wonder why so many drugs must be prescribed by a medical doctor? These drugs are very addictive. If you abuse prescription drugs, then it is just as easy to become addicted to them as if you were taking street drugs.

The Need To Self-Medicate

Changes in your life can lead to the misuse of prescription drugs. For example, it is hard for a teenager to overcome losing a parent or get bullied at school. On the other hand, older adults have problems dealing with their marriages, losing a job or becoming empty nesters. These life changes lead to feeling socially isolated and turning to addictive behavior. It is common for people in this situation to turn to drugs to self-medicate to overcome difficult feelings.

How Does The Abuse Starts?

Some people are prescribed prescription drugs and others obtain opioids in an illegal manner. When people are prescribed a medication, the person may like the way the medication make them feel and becomes dependent on it. It gets to the point where you need more and more of the drug to achieve the same feeling. Some people ultimately turns to heroin because it is easier and cheaper to get.

At this point, it is time to consider opioid addiction treatment and checking your loved one in rehabilitation. Treatment can help you with detoxing off the drugs, which is something you should not do alone. Treatment centers can provide you with medical attention and support while going through detoxification. This facility can also prescribe suboxone to help with the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

It helps to understand that drug addiction is a problem for the entire community. The effects of drug abuse trickles down through society from family dysfunction and committing crimes. To overcome addiction, you have to offer treatment and support groups, such as through Medical Assisted Wellness.