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2 Reasons To Take Your Child To A Pediatric Cardiologist

by Mae Ferguson

A pediatric cardiologist is one of the most useful resources for any parent to utilize, mostly because they will be able to discover and head off any potentially fatal or dangerous heart conditions as early as possible. A pediatric cardiologist is a type of doctor that has chosen to focus all of his or her education and experience on illnesses that specifically target a child's heart. Listed below are just two of the many reasons to take your child to a pediatric cardiologist.

If Your Child Is Experiencing Heart Murmurs

One of the most important reasons to take your child to see this particular type cardiologist is if your child is experiencing heart murmurs. Heart murmurs are basically an extra sound that is made when your heart is beating, which is actually quite normal for a fair amount of children as long as the murmur is occurring regularly when the heart valve closes during a normal heartbeat.

However, you should be concerned if the heart murmur is irregular and making your child's heartbeat sound irregular. In that situation, there is a chance that this could be a sign of a heart defect or a structural problem with the heart, at which point it is vital to have a cardiologist investigate the issue more thoroughly in order to resolve the issue before it gets worse and potentially dangerous.

If Your Child Is Passing Out

You should also take your child to a pediatric cardiologist if your child is passing out. When your child faints, this is usually a sign that there isn't enough blood pressure reaching the brain, which could be a sign of problems with the heart. It is especially important that you get your child to a cardiologist if he or she faints and your family actually does have a long history of heart disease.

Additionally, it is very important that your child sees a cardiologist after he or she faints and reports that they are feeling acute chest pain during their fainting spells. Also, if you find out that your child is passing out frequently whenever he or she is engaging in physical activities or sports, you will want to make an appointment quickly with your doctor as this could also be a sign of an issue with their heart.

Contact a pediatric cardiologist today in order to schedule an appointment to have your child's heart looked at and to discuss any troubling issues that your child has been experiencing with his or her health. You will want to take your child to a pediatric cardiologist if your child is experience and heart murmurs or if your child has been passing out or fainting. For more information, contact a center such as Alpert Zales & Castro Pediatric Cardiology.