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Four Reasons Industrial Facilities Need Nursing Case Managers

by Mae Ferguson

In the course of a regular day in your industrial facility, it's possible that people are hurt while working with heavy equipment. Insurance and proper management can be in place for these situations, but a case manager on duty all day can also be beneficial. If you're unsure that your industrial facility can use a nursing case manager, consider these reasons.

Document Completion

When injuries happen, it's important to start taking action right away. A 24-hour case manager, on call for different shifts, can gather information before details are forgotten. They can ensure that an injured person completes insurance documentation without bypassing deadlines. They can ensure that paperwork is done and completed with all supporting information. This will mean that their claim goes through smoothly. Your facility may also have internal documents to be submitted, and the nursing case manager can deliver those, as well. Because multiple people can be hurt at a time, having a dedicated person to handle all this paperwork is vital.

Medical Treatment Support

After visits to a physician, someone who is hurt may have questions or need assistance following the prescribed treatment plan. If they're able to return to their job, they may need van transportation or healthcare aides at home. Nursing case managers support treatments so that an employee can make their way back to work as soon as they're able.

Work Task Modification

When injured people are still recovering but can work, nursing case managers can dictate modifications that allow them to perform tasks without hurting themselves again or aggravating pain. That way, your facility can return to optimal production or work levels, and injured employees need not miss out on their salaries.

Better Communication

Having a liaison to communicate with insurance companies, facility managers, and employees is a good way to ensure that everyone is on the same page. When multiple people are in various stages of recovery, being able to account for each of them is best done by a case manager whose sole purpose is to handle these issues. You and other managers can trust that injured employees are cared for, while completing other activities yourselves.

These reasons, among others, outline the necessity for nursing care managers in your facility. With their help, employees are helped and your facility continues functioning well. Discussing your facility with local case managers will help them describe even more ways that they can prove essential for your business. For more information, talk to companies like Accu-Care Nursing Service Inc.