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Considering A Vasectomy? 3 Things You Need To Know Before Getting The Procedure

by Mae Ferguson

A vasectomy is a way to ensure that you don't have children. A vasectomy ensures that your semen does not contain sperm, thus preventing you from getting a female pregnant. A vasectomy is a medical outpatient procedure. Before getting a vasectomy, it is important to fully understand the implications and impact of getting a vasectomy.

A Vasectomy Will Make It Hard to Have Children

A vasectomy is designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to have children. The tube that sperm travel through from your testicles to your penis is tied off, preventing sperm from making this journey.

Although you can have a vasectomy reversed, the procedure to reverse a vasectomy is much more complicated than the vasectomy procedure. Reversal procedures do not always work, so you should be sure that you don't want children before going through with the procedure.

It should be noted that if you decide you want children, you can have sperm withdraw from your testicles and used with an in-vitro fertilization technique. However, the best way to have children is you want them is to put off having a vasectomy until you know you don't want any more kids.

A Vasectomy Is a Fast Procedure

A vasectomy is actually a really quick procedure. It can literally be done in a matter of minutes. Often times, only a local anesthetic is injected into the scrotum for the procedure and the patient stays awake. A light sedation can also be used instead of just a local anesthetic to ensure that you really don't feel any pain at all.

It is not an invasive surgery and don't require you to go under general anesthetics, which is the type of anesthetics where you have to lose consciousness.

The Recovery Process is Quick

The recovery process for a vasectomy is not that long. You may want to take a couple of days off work in order to heal. Generally, ibuprofen is all that is needed to manage the pain from the procedure. Ice packs should be applied to the scrotum area to help with swelling and pain management. You should abstain from sex, generally for about a week, but other regular activities you can resume after a few days.

Need to Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment

It is important to schedule and show-up for your follow up appointment a few months after you have your vasectomy. It can take a few months for the procedure to be completely effective. In your follow-up appointment, your semen will be tested to ensure that it no longer contains sperm. Until you get confirmation that the procedure worked, you should continue to use other methods of birth control.

A vasectomy is a procedure that should be used only when you have decided that you don't want to have any children or any more children. It is a fast procedure that requires only a few days recovery time. Always be sure to follow-up and make sure that the procedure worked and use birth control until you are sure that your sperm is no longer making its way into your semen.

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