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Reprogramming The Human Body For Better Healing: Therapies That Can Help

by Mae Ferguson

Illness and disease causing the body to revert to a disabled and non-functional state is not how anyone sees his/her life going. However, modern science and technology are constantly pushing the limits of technology and treatments for all kinds of diseases. Some of these treatments are grounded in real research and science and may actually help you feel better and battle your health concerns. These treatments are said to "re-program" the way the human body operates so that disease and illness cannot follow through on their "programming." If you want to know what these treatments are and how they work, they are listed below.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelets are responsible for fighting off infection and closing, or "patching," blood vessels that are open and bleeding. When you are sick, platelets run high, signaling doctors that there is an infection in the body. Platelets can also run low, signaling a different group of diseases may be present. When you are either being treated for cancer or a really bad viral infection that attacks the blood, you tend to lose a lot of your platelets, which opens the door for even more infectious diseases. By receiving platelet-rich plasma therapy, you can boost your body's ability to fight off infection and feel better than you normally would. There is just one caveat: your doctor has to constantly test your CBC (platelet) count to make sure your platelets never go above 450,000, which is another disease unto itself.

Stem-Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the human body. In the womb, stem cells can become literally anything, and often, they become a baby with billions of stem cells that help grow arms, legs, feet, hands, bones, eyes, etc. Adults still have stem cells in their marrow and a few other places. When stem cells are removed from healthy donors, the cells can be grown in a lab to become something else. The cells can also be injected into unhealthy tissue, where they can regrow tissue to stop diseased tissue from taking over. Stem cells grown in mass quantities can be reintroduced into the body to stop leukemia and the destruction of blood cells. Quite often, platelet-rich plasma therapy is combined with stem cell therapy to treat a number of illnesses and diseases, including various types of cancer, the body's response to radiation and chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, and dead, diseased, or failing organs.