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Banana Rolls: How Do You Sculpt Your Booty?

by Mae Ferguson

Many women and men struggle with stubborn areas of fat that won't go away, no matter what they do. Some of the most stubborn problems to eliminate are banana rolls. Banana rolls can affect your buttocks and thighs. Learn more about banana rolls and how you can sculpt them away for good below.

What Are Banana Rolls?

Although men and women can develop excess fat in the belly or abdomen over time, some people develop pockets of extra fat in their buttocks and in the backs of their thighs. The pockets of fat can make the skin between the buttock and upper thigh area sag or bulge outward, which leads to banana rolls.

Because of their location beneath the buttocks, banana rolls can be difficult to eliminate with spot exercises. Squats and similar exercises can help tone the muscles in your buttocks and thigh, but these exercises may take awhile to reveal good results. Some sources recommend losing weight all over your body to eliminate your banana rolls. But unless you work out on a regular basis, your banana rolls may become worse.

If you're having problems getting rid of your banana rolls with traditional exercises, consider cosmetically sculpting your buttocks instead.

How Do You Get Rid of Your Banana Rolls?

Cosmetic buttock treatment can be used to surgically remove unwanted fat from your buttocks and thighs, or it can be used to tone and shape the skin between your buttocks and thighs. If you don't want to undergo surgery, you can opt for cryolipolysis instead.

Cryolipolysis is a unique treatment that allows doctors to freeze or break down the fat cells in the body that cause love handles, banana rolls, and other problem areas. Doctors remove the frozen tissue from your body with a suctioning tool or wand. This type of treatment doesn't require a long healing or recovery time afterward. Unless you have other areas of fat to treat, you may be able to return to work or school right away. If you have concerns about cryolipolysis or how it works, speak to a cosmetic doctor, dermatologist, or surgeon today.

No matter what type of booty sculpting treatment you decide to undergo, it's important to take good care of your body afterward. You can prevent fat from depositing between your buttocks and thighs by eating healthy and by seeing a cosmetic specialists for care.

If you need help getting rid of your banana rolls, contact a specialist right away. Reach out to a company like Countryside Dermatology & Laser Center if you have more questions about coolsculpting.