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A Look At The Pros & Cons Of Testosterone Injection Therapy For Men

by Mae Ferguson

Just as women can have problems with lower than normal estrogen levels, men can also run into the same issues with their testosterone levels. While it is normal for testosterone to drop as you get older, if your levels drop to a level that is unusual or that is causing you problems, your doctor may recommend that you get testosterone injection therapy. This form of male hormone therapy is the most typical, even though there are other options. Here's a peek at some of the pros and cons of testosterone injection therapy to help you decide if this is the best choice for you. 

Pro: Injections tend to be the most affordable replacement option. 

There are a couple of different types of hormone replacement therapy for men. Patches, topical gel, and even soluble implants that go under the skin are available. However, testosterone injections tend to be the least expensive option and are often covered by most forms of insurance. 

Con: You will have to visit a doctor frequently to get the shots. 

One of the downfalls of getting testosterone injections is the fact that you may have to visit your doctor every time you need a shot of the hormone replacement drugs. Testosterone is considered a controlled substance because of its potential for abuse, which means it will not be possible to take home the vials of testosterone to give your own self injections. 

Pro: The testosterone enters the bloodstream quickly. 

Testosterone injections are given straight into the muscle tissue, which means it gets into the bloodstream quickly and helps support healthier levels right away. Even though topical forms of testosterone basically do the same thing, they can take a little longer to get into the system. Most men who are getting testosterone injection therapy will find a notable difference in how they feel in a short time period. 

Con: Injections do not offer the most consistent testosterone levels. 

One of the few downfalls of injection therapy with testosterone is the hormone levels may not be as consistent as they would be with other types of treatment. Patches and other topical treatments are applied daily, but injections will be given periodically. The synthetic testosterone will peak and then gradually wane in your system until you get your next injection. For some men, it is much better if the hormone is consistent in the body instead of peaking and waning. For more information on male hormone therapy, check with a professional in your area.