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4 Indicators That You Need Urgent Substance Abuse Treatment

by Mae Ferguson

Statistics show that about 21 million Americans struggle with at least one addiction, but only 10% of them seek treatment. Alcohol is among the commonly abused drugs in the US. It is estimated that about 6.3% of American adults are heavy alcohol users, making high-intensity drinking a common trend in the country. If you can't control your drinking, it's about time you admit that you have a problem and seek relevant substance abuse treatment.

How Do You Know if You Need Alcohol Abuse Treatment?

Most people cant differentiate binge drinking from alcohol addiction. If you take five drinks within two hours, then you can term it as binge drinking. However, if you can take more than five drinks in around 2 hours and have trouble managing your emotions when drunk, then you are a heavy drinker, and you need treatment. 

Here are four signs that you need to seek substance abuse treatment:

1. You Can't Limit the Amount of Alcohol You Drink

Discipline is vital when taking alcohol. If you decide to take two beers, you should stick to that and nothing more. However, if you intend to drink three beers and end up taking 10, you have an addiction problem, and you need immediate alcohol abuse treatment.

2. Frequent Relapse 

Have you ever tried quitting drinking? How long did it last? Studies show that about 90% of alcoholics will relapse within four years after quitting. Others relapse within weeks or a few months. One way of dealing with a relapse is by addressing the triggers. However, you can't do it alone, and you need professional help.

3. Strong Craving for Alcohol

If your craving for alcohol is uncontrollable, it's impossible to moderate drinking. Every time you drink, your body releases endorphins, a chemical that causes feelings of pleasure. Every moment you think about alcohol, the part of the brain responsible for rewards and pleasure is activated, creating a strong craving. Unless the addiction is treated, the urge to take alcohol will be too strong for you to control.

4. You Can't Fulfil Normal Obligations

If you are employed, absenteeism becomes a routine. Even when you make it to work, your judgment and concentration are greatly hampered, affecting your overall productivity. Since you spend most of your time and money drinking, you also neglect most of your family obligations.

 If you are a student, your academic performance significantly declines. When drinking gets to such a point, it is evident that you can't control it, and you need urgent substance abuse treatment.


If your drinking habit negatively affects your life, you might be having an alcohol use disorder. Even if the problem is mild, it can escalate and cause serious problems. Thus, timely substance abuse treatment is vital.

For more information, contact a substance abuse treatment center.