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3 Myths About Specialty Medical Transcription Services

by Mae Ferguson

Medical specialists must keep meticulous notes on each patient they see on a daily basis. These notes are used in future assessments and to inform vital healthcare decisions that could have life and death consequences.

Transcription has been used for many years to record general medical information, but there are still some specialists who are hesitant to outsource their medical transcription services to a third party. As such, learn more about the myths that cause these fears so that you can begin to take advantage of a transcription service.

1. Transcription Services Are Expensive

Many specialists avoid using professional transcription services because of the perceived costs associated with these services. If you think that specialty medical transcription services are too expensive, you are wrong. Rather, the time of a medical specialist is extremely valuable. Any time that is spent transcribing notes is time that is taken away from seeing patients. Therefore, outsourcing your medical transcription tasks to a third-party company frees up your schedule to take on more patients and increase your clinic's revenue.

2. Transcription Services Aren't Reliable

Transcribed medical notes must be accurate in order to prevent treatment mistakes in the future. However, some medical specialists think that third-party transcription services don't have the knowledge or expertise required to transcribe their notes. This isn't true.

In fact, you can outsource your transcription tasks to a company that specializes in working with medical practitioners in your chosen field. The individuals employed by these companies will have a working knowledge of the terminology and procedures that they are likely to come across while transcribing a specialist's notes.

You can rest assured that your transcribed medical notes will be accurate and reliable when partnering with the right transcription company.

3. Transcription Services Aren't Safe

HIPAA regulations and data protection are more important than ever before in a medical setting. Any information regarding a patient's diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis must be kept confidential in order to avoid HIPAA violations and potential lawsuits.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about the safety of your patient data when working with a transcription company. These companies are HIPAA compliant, and they have protective protocols in place to prevent the accidental transfer of sensitive patient data.

Don't let transcription tasks take up your valuable time. Work with a transcription company that caters to medical specialists to secure accurate, timely, and comprehensive transcribed copies of your patient notes in the future. For more information, contact a company like Mercedes Transcription Inc.