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Internal Hemorrhoids: Treatment Tips To Utilize

by Mae Ferguson

Internal hemorrhoids are a particularly uncomfortable condition that can affect the anus. If you have this medical problem, here are some treatment tips to utilize.

Take Warm Baths to Deal With Discomfort 

If you want to deal with symptoms that are associated with internal hemorrhoids from the comforts of home, then one of the best things you can do is take warm baths. These will help relax the anus and veins that surround it. You'll thus be able to find relief and keep swelling to a minimum.

You can take as many warm baths as you want. Just make sure the temperature of the water isn't too hot because you don't want to cause the anal region any additional discomfort. You might even put some Epsom salts in your baths to help relax your lower rectum. 

Apply Topical Ointments

Another viable treatment option you might look into when faced with internal hemorrhoids is the application of topical ointments. They can soothe your lower rectum and veins around the anus. Also, these ointments can reduce irritation and thus help you remain more comfortable throughout the day.

You want to find topical ointments that are specifically designed for internal hemorrhoids. You might also look for a prescription variety because it will have a high-strength formula, which can help you find relief pretty quickly. Just be sure to talk with your doctor about how to apply this ointment to get the best results from it.

Take Stool Softeners

Until you're able to deal with internal hemorrhoids completely, going to the bathroom will be an uncomfortable experience. You can make it much more manageable to deal with though if you take stool softeners.

They can soften your stools and thus protect your anus and lower rectum from discomfort. Then each time you need to use the bathroom, you won't have to worry about the type of discomfort you'll have to deal with. You can get in and out without much of a fuss. Again, you might just want to get a prescription for stool softeners so that you can put ample trust in this medicine's effects.

Internal hemorrhoids are not an ideal medical problem you want to face, but if you have to, it's important to take the right treatment tactics. If you're methodical and do what works for you, it will be a lot easier to find relief and then move on with your life. For more information on internal hemorrhoid treatment, contact a professional near you.