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  • 3 Answers To Common Questions About Glaucoma

    21 March 2016

    If your optometrist has just diagnosed you with glaucoma, you may have been shocked with this diagnosis.  When this happens, it can be difficult to think of the questions you should ask your eye doctor. Below are two common questions people have when they are first diagnosed with glaucoma, as well as the answers to these questions. Why did you get glaucoma? You likely did not do anything at all that caused your glaucoma.

  • Diagnosed With Aggressive Prostate Cancer? What Are Your Best Treatment Options?

    3 March 2016

    If you've recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, you may be trying to quickly gather as much information about treatment options as possible to help you make a swift but informed decision. Fortunately, over the last several decades, there have been major advances in healthcare technology and targeted tumor treatment that can successfully battle even the most rapidly spreading types of cancer. Read on to learn more about some of the best treatment options for aggressive prostate cancer.

  • Two Easy Tricks For Getting Rid Of Pesky Acne For Your First Day Of High School

    15 February 2016

    High school is supposed to be the best experience of your young life, but not when the stress from it all made you break out with a pimple. Luckily, there are a couple different effective ways you can treat your acne problem with ingredients found in your home. Using natural ingredients is good for your skin, so not only will you treat the acne, but you will be able to walk into your first day of high school with confidence.

  • Bloating Up The River: 3 Natural Remedies For Menstrual Bloating

    28 January 2016

    Having your period is never fun. As if the bleeding and cramps weren't enough, you also have to deal with bloating. The bloating that is associated with your premenstrual cycle can leave you feeling tired and cranky. Luckily, you don't have to push through this bloating alone. There are several natural and safe remedies that you can make right at home. Below is a list of the most effective and healthy ways you can get rid of the bloating and get on with the rest of your day.

  • 3 Fitness Tracker Tips To Improve Weight Loss

    11 January 2016

    Fitness trackers, whether you wear them around your waist or clip them to a belt, are one of the latest gadgets available to help you lose weight and get more fit. Most are made to be used in tandem with an app on your smartphone that will help you track steps, calories burned, activity and sleep levels, and even your heart rate. Unfortunately, simply wearing a tracker isn't enough to help the pounds drop off.

  • 3 Embarrassing Habits That Your Doctor Needs To Know About

    28 December 2015

    Although you probably know that your doctor has your best interests at heart, you still might not want to tell him or her all of the nitty and gritty things that are going on in your life. However, even some rather embarrassing habits should be shared with your doctor if you want him or her to be able to give you the best care. Knowing all of the main factors that can affect your health can make it easier for your doctor to provide you with top-of-the-line care, and providing certain information can help doctors at clinics like Hightstown Medical Associates figure out certain problems more than you think.

  • Ways To Prevent Aggravating Your Lower Back Pain

    10 December 2015

    Lower back pain can be agonizingly painful, robbing you of the ability to carry out your daily chores or even enjoy fun activities such as bowling or riding a bicycle. If you suffer from chronic back pain, there are several steps you can take to prevent aggregating your pain while standing or carrying and reaching for objects. Read on for tips on how to do just that so you can hopefully manage your condition better.